You probably have a lot of questions about who we are, what we do and how we do it. At Better Balance we are transparent, so we'd like to answer all of your questions.


What is Better Balance?

Better Balance is a new brand of top quality, nutrient-rich, healthy and great flavor plant-based protein products.

We are an inclusive brand and we invite everyone to the table, carnivors, vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, omnivors, and anyone who wants to take care of their health and the planet.

Our goal is to help millions of people in the world to find the best version of themselves.

What are the benefits of Better Balance products?

Benefits for your health:

- High protein content

- High fiber content

- No artificial colors or preservatives

- Low in fat

Benefits in the kitchen:

- Easy to cook, just like regular meat

- Really versatile, they can be used in different ways to create diferent types of dishes and recipes

- Ideal for every member of the family. Vegans and non-vegans alike.

- Sustainable and eco-friendly

What are Better Balance products made of?

Our products come from completely natural ingredients, some of the most used are:

- Peas

- Soybeans

- Beet roots

Do they have any gluten?

All of our products are 100% gluten-free!

Where can I find Better Balance?

For now you can find us in some restaurants. Follow us on social media to find out where, and let us know if you'd like to find us somewhere in particular. You will also be able to find us in your favorite retail store soon!