Better Balance Shredded Meat

Our 100% plant-based shredded meat means your favorite dishes still taste great minus the calories and fat

What we love about our Shredded Meat:

• From BBQ sliders to ceviche, our shredded meat recreates your favorite meals with healthier ingredients and the same great flavor

• You can marinate the shredded meat to mix up your favorite meals

• 100% plant-based, providing a healthier and easy-to-cook alternative to your favorite dish

All the benefits you get:

• Source of protein and fiber

• Cholesterol and saturated fats free

• Artificial flavors and preservatives free

• Compared to chicken, 58% fewer calories than chicken and 95% less fat


Water, soy protein concentrate, isolated soy protein, contains 2% or less of pea protein, potato starch, salt (iodized), yeast extract, maltodextrin (corn), natural flavorings, soybean fiber, sugar, lactic acid. Contains: soy

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